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Web Development

Basic To Professional Level

The Glowingsoft Technologies are serving from last five years. Many of our students has been successfully completed their courses. We are offering training in different technologies including web designing and web application in Lahore. The web development is widely used for different activities and with its latest technology updates it’s viral across all the countries; especially web development in Lahore. There is need to learn new technologies so there are different courses available on many internet platforms, but there is need of such platform which really matters and guides you to the point. The Glowingsoft Technologies is offering web development course in Lahore. We believe in successful website application development with hand on training method which makes you more skilled than to just learn.

Our experienced staff and free time classes offer best opportunities to learn. Our team of skilled developers in web designing and development is offering best time frame courses in Lahore. You can learn web development within very short time period of three months. It’s the fastest time learning we are offering in this course. This technology needs technical and creative skills, the good websites require good skills to compete in market. It matters all with the websites like the content and designing of website, the backend also matters that how you code and it displays data efficiently. The websites you will learn in the web development course in Lahore e-commerce websites, personal websites, business websites, blogging, informational, landing page sites and much more. We focus on dynamic and responsive websites rather to use the static. We use latest release of features like html 5, CSS3, bootstrap4 with to teach and train you in efficient way. There is wide range of websites from single page to complex websites.

The hands on practice technique are used for all students because a student could not be a developer if he does not code at real time projects and assignments. The projects we work on are Android Development, IOS Application Development, Web Development (Static & Dynamic websites (PHP, C#, HTML5, CSS3)), Web Designing, Final Year Projects, Logic Development and Programming.

We focus on software development and related services. We provide software services for all companies with implementation. We are eager to conceptualize new ideas and innovations to shape them in the form of product. Glowing Soft is an institute of innovation which facilitates the clients by achieving their goals and students to be professional.

Android App Development

The Android training includes android apps development from scratch. We train students from basics to full developer using java and android studio.

IOS App Development

The Web Development course includes web designing and web development. We train students to develop dynamic and responsive websites from scratch.

SEO Marketing

GlowingSoft Online Marketing online advertisement and SEO of your website is to show your business in market. It is the way to take your company name out to public.

Graphic Designing

We offers best  training in the Graphic designing area we offering work with professional team and professional environmet

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1st Month

Introduction HTML

HTML5 Semantic

HTML Headings, HTML Paragraph, HTML Styles

HTML Computer Code, HTML Classes

HTML CSS, Links and Images

CSS3 syntax, CSS3 Backgrounds, CSS Padding

CSS3 Gradients, CSS Links, CSS Box Model

JavaScript Language Basics

JS Objects, JS Strings, JS Loops

JS Strict Mode, JS Functions

2nd Month



Integrate PHP withy HTML

PHP with MYSql

Store, Retrieve and Modify MYSql

CodeIgniter (PHP Framework)

MVC Achitechture

Laravel (PHP Framework)

Rest API’s : API Routes, Controllers and Models


3rd Month

node JS

NMP (Node Package Manager)

Creating Web Server

Handling HTTP requests

Express JS


Serverless Framework

Aws ec2

CRUD Operations

Build a REST API


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Sameer Amjad

I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really good job. I'm glad I decided to Join Glowingsoft technology.

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I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really good job. I'm glad I decided to Join Glowingsoft technology.

Waqas Khizar

I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really good job. I'm glad I decided to Join Glowingsoft technology.

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    Mr Tausif is a top online mentor with experience in a variety of industries, including IOS development and other advanced tasks. He educates around 1000 students from all across Pakistan through online classes. He is a Pakistani Software Engineer, Computer Expert, and Photographer Blogger. H He was given the “Lightning responder” badge for his continuous and timely support of his pupils in GLOWING SOFT Trainings.

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